One An(d)other  |  Mar 2018
Choreography, Garment Design

Distance, proximity, familiarity, understanding—as humans, we find familiarity in proximate things and are attracted to things that are familiar to us.

Distance breeds misunderstanding, contempt, and apathy. Consequently, we suffer from the systematic divisions of our cities and communities.

Clothing represents an omnipresent second skin to which we have grown to be familiar. Without it, we feel vulnerable and discomposed. We share our space inside clothing as a symbol of physical and emotional closeness.

One an(d)other explores a narrative of proximity and distance through motion. As two separate bodies come into contact, a new intimacy is born, for the culmination of proximity is touch. As they move further apart, the immediate presence of one another is lost. Clothing, motion, and sound create an interdisciplinary experience. The performers emit separate soundtracks that harmonize as they dance together.

In the title, (d) represents an invisible distance that separates the performers. By becoming proximate in their most vulnerable space, the performers overcome “other” and become “another.”

Collaborator: Inés Benítez
Advisor: Jill Johnson

Performed on March 22nd, 10am at the Harvard Dance Center.

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