Shapeless Shapes  |  Oct 2019
Design, Storytelling, Illustration

A fairy tale, a history book, a call to action to shape our future

Welcome to a world in which every shape has its rightful place, fits in and conforms. Until they don’t. Shapes also move around, explore, fall in love with other shapes and create a more interesting world, in which identity and belonging are no longer strictly defined by shape alone. A messier world, in which some shapes are erased and are made shapeless by powerful shapes. These shapeless shapes are denied their basic rights and are excluded. They are cast out. But some of them come together to fight back, demanding their rights and the recognition of their shapes.

Shapeless Shapes is a graphic novel about identity, belonging, history, xenophobia, freedom, racism, discrimination, injustice, activism, citizenship, and statelessness. It tells a story of a world that was, is and can be.

Publisher Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

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Launch Webinar April 23rd, 2020

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