Two Friends Meet at a Café on a Saturday Morning  |  May 2018

“You will find lies in the light and truth in the dark.”

Here is a story of two friends, Inés and Hanna, who lie to each other over a piece of cake. Inés offers to share the cake and gets rejected, because Hanna is on a diet and wouldn’t have such sugary treat. So Inés proceeds to enjoy the cake for herself. [...]

The cake represents many things: fear, denial, repression, and pleasure. The discomfort caused by the presence and the unapologetic consumption of cake reflect our physical, psychical, and social anxiety and irony. What constitutes a perfect body and how could one achieve it? Are we telling the truth when we say we are all liars? How can someone be hungry in a world of plenty?

Two Friends meet at a Cafe on a Saturday Morning attempts to ask these open-ended questions through lies, psychoanalysis, and slapstick comedy. The allusion to silent film of the 1920s adds nostalgic sweetness and lightheartedness, contrasting with the diverse cross-section of our everyday. We hope that this 5-minute film confronts the spectator to seek truth, in light and in the dark.

Collaborator: Inés Benítez
Advisors: Silvia Benedito, Silvia Kolbowski

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